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Author of The Alchemy of Self Healing

February 7th 11am PT/2pm ET

Be the Change the World Needs and Get Your Mojo Back
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    The secret to recharging your health and creative power at a moment’s notice. So you have the energy and insight you need to break through your blocks and stuck spots.

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    The 4 steps that reinvent your life … especially if you think it’s impossible. Use this formula whenever you need a fresh start in your career, in your relationship, even in your finances.

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    My #1 Alchemical Tool that gets you unstuck and out of overwhelm. So you come back to center calm and relaxed. No matter what’s swirling around you.

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    3 surprising exercises that turn your intuition into a super power. No need to consult anyone else because you’ll have total clarity.

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    The key that unlocks your hidden creativity. So you fling open the gateway and soar!

"Jeannine Wiest ... will gently help you understand the value of creative noticing to all aspects of life."
 — Jane Wagner & Lily Tomlin


You have no idea the degree in which your mentoring is changing my life! I use my newly acquired "Alchemy Of Self Healing" skills on a daily basis. I finally leave for Nashville tomorrow morning for my song to be recorded! It will be released on iTunes within a few months! After years of stagnation, the flow of my creative energy has finally returned! Thank you!


I have truly, truly found a new depth of understanding of my body and its powers to heal as a result of my work with you. With your guidance I have found keys to the path to healing, and the wisdom to know I need to know more. I have also found the key that has unlocked my creativity. I never expected to find I could create art for self-expression and that others would enjoy. This has brought me so much pleasure. I am finally believing in myself thanks to you. With all my gratitude, Barbara



privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you