Sunday Larson's Gifts

2 PDFs from her powerful "9 Charms Method" from inspiration to manifestation

Sunday is also offering a Free pre-publication PDF of her latest (teaching) novel, A Fabulous Awakening. If you are interested in receiving this gift, please email her at:

Description: Aurora never wanted to leave the enchanted life she’d shared for thirty years with her (not so) perfect husband. Now cast from paradise and no longer a wife, socialite, or columnist, two months later while breakfasting at Straw to Gold Tea and Yarn Emporium, in Sedona, Arizona, Aurora enters the mystifying world of the Sedona Fates and Charm Lady Tilly Monroe, the canny strangers who mentor her Fabulous Awakening. As she progresses through the nine stations of the Path of Charms, she re-awakens her creativity, re-inspires and re-inspirits her voice, re-souls her story, re-enchants her soul, and revives her abandoned plucky self.