Stay Tuned for September 24, 25, 26. Sign ups start end of July.

This Virtual Experts’ Circle has been designed to offer you an alchemical immersion in healing possibilities and creative options available to everyone.

Learn from experts as varied as best-selling self-help authors, a PhD who crafts power jewels in Australia, a shaman, a healer in Hawaii, a Dr. of Oriental Medicine and an internationally known course developer from the Upledger Insitute. Many of these experts I count as friends, a few are mentors of mine.

The goal is to tease open new avenues of discovery for you. To heal, to create, to get out of overwhelm and revive your unique mojo so you can transform what isn’t working in your life right now and create what you want instead!

I’m passionate about marrying health and creativity. I work every day on this integration with my clients to fantastic results. Heal Your Mojo is a way to turbo charge your ability to shift perspective over three days of interviews from the comfort of your home or office.

Warning: Shifting perspective can be addictive! Suffering is optional (credit goes to Buddha for that line).

List of Experts:

Chellie Campbell is the creator of the popular Financial Stress Reduction® and author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire. She will speak about Creating Magic Money. Her take on wealth may surprise you.

RN and author Aila Accad will speak on 5 Steps to Living the Call of Your Soul. Her bestselling books include 34 Instant Stress-Busters and The Call of The Soul.

Suzanne Skurlock-Durana, internationally known teacher/author will speak about Full Body Presence.

Healer and teacher Cass Phelps will speak about The Five Signals you need for nourishment. He’ll also speak about moving prehistorically. (Yes, you read that right.)

Best selling medium Sue Frederick is the author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side; I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Soul Mate. She’ll be speaking on her topic Talking to the Other Side for Guidance & Healing.

Dr. Diane Sandler will lead a discussion on Your Molecular Ocean.

Sheridan Kennedy, PhD (Dr.Jewels) will be covering the meaning of power stones and Aboriginal rituals.

Shaman, artist and 4 Winds Society teacher extraordinaire Lynn Berryhill will speak about developing a stronger relationship with the natural world

Craniosacral therapist and author of From My Hands and Heart, Kate Mackinnon will give tips on how to lower your internal alarm system.

Suzy Prudden will give you ways to work in concert with your mind.

P.K. Odle, owner of the award-winning Feng Shui Advantage, will show you which direction to face for maximum creativity (in a meeting, this one tip is invaluable).

International lecturer Alan S. Questel is the author of Creating Creativity-Embodying the Creative Process and creator of Pregnant Pauses – Movement for Moms DVDs as well as numerous Feldenkrais-Awareness Through Movement CD sets for the public

There will be bonuses and free offers from the experts, plus I’ll be speaking about how to get the most from this series (don’t get scared, but it involves no multi-tasking for the duration of each interview). I’ll also be sharing both healing and creative exercises from my forthcoming book.

Stay tuned for photos, bios, sign up options and more!