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Heal Your Mojo Speaker Series Sponsored by CranioCradle

Relax…tense, tired muscles
Relieve...nagging aches, pains and fatigue
Restore…your body to a deep state of comfort

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Creating Magic Money!

Chellie150Chellie Campbell is the creator of the popular Financial Stress Reduction® and author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire. She is one of Marci Shimoff’s “Happy 100” in her NYT bestseller Happy for No Reason and contributed stories to Jack Canfield’s recent books You’ve Got to Read This Book! and Life Lessons from Chicken Soup for the Soul. She is prominently quoted as a financial expert in The Los Angeles Times, Pink, Good Housekeeping, Lifetime, Essence, Woman’s World and more than 50 popular books.   Audio HERE

5 Steps to Living the Call of Your Soul

AilaAccad 150Aila Accad, RN, MSN, is an award-winning international speaker, bestselling author, certified well-being coach and energy healing practitioner with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in nursing, who specializes in quick ways to release stress and reclaim that energy to live your fullest life and achieve your highest purpose. Bestselling books include “34 Instant Stress-Busters” and “The Call of The Soul.” Thousands have reclaimed healthy freedom in their lives through the application of her groundbreaking process, “Breaking the Perfection Myth.” A member of the National Speakers Association, she is a popular keynote speaker and radio and television guest.

Navigating from the Wisdom of the Body

Suzanne 150Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CMT, CST-D, author of Full Body Presence and creator of the Healing From the Core curriculum, teaches internationally about conscious awareness and its relationship to the healing process. A sought-after speaker in her field, she is passionate about teaching the how-to skills of presence, grounding, and healthy boundaries that allow us to feel the joy of being present in each moment, without burning out.  She inspires thousands through her blog, Presence Matters.


The Five Signals – Learning The Secret Language of Gut – Taking Back Your Biochemistry and Immune System Through Nourishment

Cass Headshot 150Cass Phelps is the creator of The Five Signals Practice. A radical approach to nutrition, becoming self referential through listening to the bodies biological signals for pH balance, immunity and optimal physical and emotional health. Cass offers workshops throughout the world and holds a private practice in Kauai, HI. His clients are inspired souls from all walks of life.

For 15 years Cass has worked with clients with complex neurological disorders and immune diseases. His gift of intuition allows him to assist his clients and students in their Self awakening process. Cass is a certified Reiki master, Sound Healing therapist and lifelong musician. His sense of humor and laid-back style help to deliver the transmission:  All Is Within.

Talking to the Other Side for Guidance & Healing

SueFrederick-150Sue Frederick is the author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side; I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Soul Mate. An intuitive since childhood, Sue draws upon dreams, ancient numerology, powerful intuition, and conversations with spirits to help her clients fulfill their soul’s mission and use their pain as inspiration for a meaningful life. Her work has been featured in the New York Times,, Real Simple, Yoga Journal and Natural Health Magazines.

Your loved ones who have passed are watching you, helping you, and healing you – though you may not know it. Sue’s work helps everyone experience the healing presence of those on the other side, and gain a new perspective on their soul’s purpose here.

The Creative Power of Gemstones: Ancient and Modern Ways to Work With Gems to Enhance Your Energy and Focus Your Intentions

SheridanK-13 150Sheridan Kennedy is Doctor Jewels, a personal alchemist and well-being mentor who helps women to amplify their presence and fully embody their extraordinary selves. An artist and jeweler, she is also a creative innovator with a unique vision, whose work has been exhibited internationally. As an artisan of well-being, her expertise synthesizes knowledge from both academic and esoteric worlds, including astrology, anthropology, feminine spirituality, leading-edge health sciences, and the practice of “bodyfulness.”

Continuing in the ancient tradition of power-object practitioners, she works with the energetic properties of materials to create bespoke power-jewels for those who are using their own unique genius to change the world for the better.


Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy

Kate Mackinnon 150Kate Mackinnon supports people in creating comfort and ease in their bodies. A Physical Therapist for more than twenty years, Kate has found Craniosacral Therapy to be the key to her patients’ speedy, complete, and long- lasting recoveries, while also making the other treatments and techniques they receive more effective. She is the author of From my Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy, published by Hay House in 2013. She lives, works, and swims in Livermore, California.

Your Mind Matters

Suzy Prudden Red 150Suzy Prudden, internationally acclaimed and prize winning speaker and seminar leader, author and television host and personality, has been inspiring audiences and groups since 1965.  A New York Times Best Selling Author, she has authored 14 books on physical fitness, weight loss, body/mind technology and mind power, 4 videos and dozens of DVD’s and CD’s.

A business owner and strategist, personal success and accountability coach, master hypnotherapist, fitness and body/mind pioneer and expert, Suzy lectures and presents world-wide. Her topics include business and financial success, body/mind balance, attitude, change, self-esteem, empowerment, motivation, stress management, follow-up and follow-through, and health and fitness.

How the Feng Shui of Your Home Affects Your Creativity!

PKOdle 150For 16 years, PK Odle has shown clients Worldwide how to maximize the existing Feng Shui influences in their residential & commercial environments to increase creativity & prosperity, while improving their health & relationships. She’s the author of the one-of-a-kind ‘Feng Shui Personal Directions Self-Mastery TOOLBOX’ & publisher of the award-winning ‘Feng Shui Advantage MONTHLY’ newsletter.


Embodying Healing & Creativity

Alan Portrait 150Alan S. Questel is known for his clarity, creativity and down to earth style of teaching while bringing a depth of understanding, humor and a gentle human perspective to learning the Method.  Trained by Dr. Feldenkrais, he teaches in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in the USA, Australia, Europe, Japan and South America. He is the author of Creating Creativity-Embodying the Creative Process and creator of Pregnant Pauses – Movement for Moms DVDs as well as numerous Feldenkrais-Awareness Through Movement CD sets for the public. His current trainings are in Malmo, Sweden; Cali, Colombia and upcoming in Santa Fe, NM.

Change Your Destiny With Cellular Yoga

Diane 150Dr. Diane Sandler L.Ac. O.M.D.CST-D developed Cellular Yoga to give you a 40-60% range of transformation through lifestyle adjustment.  I’ve been in practice since 1986- that is 27 years of searching for ways to help people avoid suffering, in all forms.

Her  background is in Chinese Medicine, CranioSacralTherapy ,Yoga, Qi Gong and Dance. Her story is one of seeking balance between creativity and science in order to overcome the obstacles that life has presented.  As a clinician, her mission has become identifying core issues that lead to ill health, and “rewiring” limiting beliefs.

Creativity in the Shaman’s Heart

Lynn BerryhillThe paintings of Lynn Berryhill, that she delights in pursuing today, source from many traditions, exploring the evolution of the soul. She has traveled the world, and into the worlds of shamanic journeying and meditation. She is senior faculty at Alberto Villoldo’s, The Four Winds Society, which offers classes in energy healing and shamanic skills. She taught creativity classes for twelve years.



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Heal Your Mojo Speaker Series Sponsored by CranioCradle

Relax…tense, tired muscles
Relieve...nagging aches, pains and fatigue
Restore…your body to a deep state of comfort

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