“Here’s the Secret to Naturally Revving Up Your Energy … and Turning Your Creative Blocks into Creative Power!”

Dear brilliant, burned-out woman,

  • Do you feel like you’ve lost your oomph … and you want it back?
  • Maybe the natural energy you once took for granted is lagging.
  • Or that creative spark you once treasured has dimmed. Or worse, it’s gone out altogether.

If you’re ready to rev up your natural energy — and turn your creative blocks into creative POWER …

I’ve got the remedy for you.

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With Jeannine Wiest, Author of The Alchemy of Self Healing

Over the course of 5 restorative weeks — including a LIVE Q&A call with me — you’ll reconnect with your health, your creativity and your inner wisdom.

So you can manifest the juicy results you want without guesswork. Because when you’re in this energized zone, synchronicity becomes the norm.



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Through a hand-selected series of personal audios and exercises, you will …

  • Heal your mind and befriend your body in a way most people never get to.
  • Learn a unique form of “creative noticing” that deepens your transformation.
  • Find out how to flip the switch on a brain flaw that causes everything from wicked headaches to knee-jerk reactions. So you get to control how you respond to every situation around you.
  • Get your hands on my Instant Perception-Shift Tools. So you can instantly confirm when you’re on the right path. Or whether you need to course-correct.

Your Journey Begins With Lifetime Access to
the 4-Module Alchemy of Self Healing Program Online

MODULE 1: Grounding and Touchstones

  • Lay the groundwork to recover your health and your Inner Wisdom. So you can depend on it as a trusted advisor to help you change what’s most important to you.
  • Walk through 3 fun and powerful exercises to discover how to choose the touchstones that are best for you.
  • Meet your Inner Wisdom in a guided meditation that’ll super-charge your manifestation skills.
  • Learn how to apply the 3 levels of awareness to decrease your life challenges. And remove your internal blocks by creating inspiring new habits.
  • Get the customized Cliffs Notes of your life thus far. You’ll refer to these notes throughout the rest of the class. So you can learn how to access your energy and Inner Wisdom on demand.

In Module 1, I was happily surprised by the amount of emotion that came up for me. I didn't think it would be so visceral from just listening in and doing these exercises, but it definitely was.

The big stand out for me was when you were talking about perfectionism (which I’m guilty of), and about NOT pushing through. But instead, trusting that the answer will come to you.

Since then I've actually felt a few instances of that. Some bigger things creatively, but other smaller, funny things. Answers to questions as simple as, ‘Where did I put my keys?’

I trusted that my body knew. And then lo and behold, a few minutes later, I had my keys in my hand.

I’ve been noticeably more balanced, aware, in the moment and happy in these few days since Module 1. And that feels amazing!

- Jessica

MODULE 2: Energy Signature

  • Learn simple techniques to identify your unique Energy Signature. So you can immediately feel grounded and centered in any situation. Whether you’re interviewing for a new job and want to make a great impression. Or you’re auditioning for the role of a lifetime and you want to nail it on the spot.
  • Discover an ancient qigong practice that deepens your connection with your Energy Signature in a matter of minutes.
  • Uncover your Ancestral Mantra to see whether it’s helping you manifest your greatest purpose … or whether it’s sabotaging your progress.
  • By the time this module closes, you’ll be transforming the concepts you’ve learned into tangible results in your life.

I loved the Module 2 energy work. I've never really done anything like that before short of some yoga and meditation work, and what I've felt from Craniosacral Therapy and a voice class I took long ago.

I was able to tap into the energy easily in the first exercise. It felt like bread dough: warm, stretchy and pliant between my hands.

And now lots of wheels are turning. I’m finding myself much more in the moment, appreciative and grateful. It’s been a big improvement.

- Jessica

MODULE 3: Navigating Relationship Styles

  • Walk through exercises that teach you how to trust your gut, ignite your creativity and feed your Inner Wisdom. So your daily stress lessens. Your mood elevates. And much-needed solutions start to show up … like magic!
  • Discover 3 types of relationships you must understand before your next conversation … with anyone.
  • Relieve the triggers that are sabotaging your communication. So you’re free to manifest the joy, creativity and abundance you crave.

There’s so much rich material. I’ve noticed that I’ve been far less reactive to things that previously would have had me in knots. This is huge. And it feels like important progress.

- Mary

MODULE 4: Tracking Neutral

  • Discover the secrets to self-healing, including how to find your place of neutral, even in the middle of chaos.
  • Learn how to stop being triggered. And instead, give your dreams room to grow into reality.
  • Uncover your blind spots. So you can gracefully sidestep them — and get off the hamster wheel of futile actions and negative reactions.
  • Dissolve any internal conflict, confusion, doubts or fears that are preventing you from stepping into your energetic power … and staying there.
  • Walk through enlightening exercises that reboot your creative courage.
  • Leave with remedies for any situation you might encounter. So you know exactly which steps to take every day to keep your channel to your Inner Wisdom open … in every situation.

I realize now that the words ‘Self Healing’ have much more power than I ever imagined. A little empowerment goes a long way. I love this program!

- Lia


  • So you get all your questions answered. And leave with a customized self-healing plan.
  • And if you can’t make the call live? We’ve got you covered. Just email us your questions at least 24 hours before the call. We'll answer your questions and make sure you get the audio recording.

If you have ever struggled with life's many curve balls, whether a personal loss, a serious illness or a genuine challenge, you will want the tools and techniques offered by Jeannine. This is a truly empowering work that promises a new level of wellness and personal authenticity. I highly recommend it.

- Eldon Taylor, PhD, New York Times best-selling author of "Choices and Illusion"


  • 4 modules stocked with audios, videos and exercises. You’ll get 1 module a week so you have plenty of time to practice.
  • A convenient online training center where all your content is stored in one place.
  • Instant assessments, articles and bonuses to deepen your healing journey.
  • A private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share your celebrations 24/7. Transformation is always easier with support.
  • A LIVE Q&A call with me at the end of the series. So all your last questions get answered.

Plus FREE Bonuses Hand-Selected
to Enhance Your Transformation:

  • A Group Journey to Meet Your Spiritual Gatekeeper — $300.00 Value

In a live experience led by telephone, you’ll join me in a guided journey to meet your Gatekeeper. This is your closest spiritual ally. And when you learn to interpret its messages, you’ll be able to tap into its invaluable guidance on demand.

  • Heal Your Mojo II Interview Series With Holistic Leaders — Priceless

Listen in to a virtual Experts Circle of 12 creative luminaries who are here to teach you everything from Spiritual Dating to the Alchemy of Nourishment.

Jeannine Wiest … will gently help you understand the value of creative noticing to all aspects of life.   — Jane Wagner & Lily Tomlin


Plus an EXTRA Bonus for the First 10 Registrations ...

  • If you're one of the first 10 people to sign-up, you'll get a private 30-minute phone session with me. So you get a much-needed jumpstart.


Tuition Is Regularly $297 Now Only:

Online Payments


Jeannine Wiest