A Mystery Walk


I’m always talking about the power your choice of words has on your body, specifically on your central nervous system.

Let me ask you this: How do you view change?

I know, I know. It involves the unknown which can be scary.

But what if you viewed change as containing a mystery?

  • Mystery, for me, is a cool, inviting, magical word.

Take a moment with that thought because I’ve ha d clients give me knee-jerk reactions to the mystery of change. “No damn mystery here! He left me.” Or “I need to change careers—nothing mysterious about that.”

But just as you always have a choice, even when you don’t think you do, I believe there is always a mystery element, available and attached to any experience of change, whether to solve, to ponder or to revel in.

These mysteries can cushion change by guiding you to a spaciousness of awareness, help you find a new solution to a nagging issue, or simply lower your internal alarm system thereby allowing healing  of any kind to occur.

How do you become aware of and harness the mystery in a given situation?

  • You pause for the mystery.  Invite it.  Allow it to show itself.  Say to the Universe, “Show me.”

This might seem esoteric.   But bear with me here.  And try opening yourself to the unseen forces around you, the intangible help, the universal palace of possibilities available to each of us if we’ll only tune in.

For an example, I walk everyday actively setting an intention to see my usual path with fresh eyes.  There might appear a small mystery “Hmmm…how did THAT get there?” or a larger mystery to ponder—a pool of water with no discernable source.  How might I relate that to what I have planned for my day?

  • What connections can I make from the clues I discover on my walk?

The connections made don’t always dovetail with my concerns but often, they shed light on a process or some old conditioning that needs attention before change can occur smoothly.  I come home energized yet secure in the renewable wonder available to me when I don’t assume I know all there is to see, touch, feel—what freshness or newness there is to discover on my well-worn daily path.

On days when I’ve been startled by a change and I need to course correct, I’m tempted to blindly trudge along, lost in my confusion or discomfort, ignoring the clues to the available mystery in operation.

But if I  can stop, breathe in a luxurious pause of a breath and breathe out discomfort and disconnection from the mystery—it always shows itself.

Try a familiar walk with fresh eyes as a way to invite divine mystery to appear and aid you. Take that pause and ask the Universe to show you.

Let me know what emerges!

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