A picture speaks a thousand stories: A client’s truth

I have to thank my client B. for allowing me to share this story.

When she first started working with me, the concept of talking to and learning from her own body and inner wisdom was foreign.

During our sessions together and also by participating in my Alchemy of Self Healing online class, B. found trust in her ability to work in concert with her body rather than forcing it.

Over the course of several months, she unpacked several key old pain stories holding her back. She even discovered a talent for painting and felt physically and creatively renewed. 

B. continued on with me and we unraveled ancestral ties and their often lasting effects on the bodymind.

Specific to today’s sharing, her mother came up in sessions and an old “I was never good enough for her” wound showed itself for healing. The wound included “I’m not pretty enough” which you will see not only wasn’t true, it wasn’t even B.’s story…it belonged to her mother. But it was lodged in B.’s body.

But where?

But how would the truth reveal itself?

Here’s how brilliant the body is.  

B. had, throughout the years, felt a “gripping” ache in one hip. As she began releasing and recounting her mom “less than” memories, the aching hip got worse.

We discovered by dialoging with the hip, (ask me if you’d like clarity on this tool) that as B. said “My mom….this is going to sound strange but it feels like she’s in my hip!”

B. had never before made the connection between the gripping in her hip and her mother.

In our work together, she honored the energy of her mom while telling the “mom energy” that she (B.) wanted the energy out of her hip.

Well, the gripping stopped and it never returned. That wasn’t the surprise.

A week later, B. found this photo of herself with her mom.

She sent it to me with a note:

“Notice the placement of my mom’s hand? No coincidence my right hip was holding onto an old story, eh?”

Pretty cool, huh?

Of course we know there are no coincidences, yes?

So where might you be storing energy that–well-meaning or not—isn’t yours?


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