A Way to Invite Personal Holiday Sanity…

Happy Holidays from Cranial Alchemy & Alchemy of Self Healing…

I’d like to wish you each a holiday season filled with joy, health and happiness. And may your 2016 be as fabulous as you are!

During this time of year many of us are attending parties and enjoying family Holiday dinners. Many of these social events are pleasant, however, some are filled with lots of disparate energy, even under the most harmonious of situations.

~ One word, Neutral. Practice finding it. Track it. Live it.

Tracking Neutral – Is No Attachment to Outcome Possible?

In Chapter Six of my book, The Alchemy of Self Healing, I outline how we can find our place of “Neutral” in any situation to remain calm and grounded.

If your intention in any situation is neutral, in terms of unnecessary pain, confusion and stress, you’re ahead of the curve on all three levels.

Understanding the concept of Neutral can be a game changer for all aspects of your life.

Use the following quick remedy to come back to your center, when you find you need to, during the holiday season.

Exercise for Finding Neutral

  • Checking in with your body, asking “Where is neutral now?” is a good touchstone question throughout your day. Then place your hand lightly on the spot. This simple yet profound tool can allow you to experience your “necessary” attachments anew.

For a more profound exercise, choose a positive ancestor as an example. Suppose your grandmother has passed, and you need strength that you associate with her. You might summon gran­dmother energy. A way to connect with that energy is:

  • Intention that energy during a Nature walk. Perhaps name it. “This is my Honoring Grandmother Walk.” This is a method widely employed as for example in charitable walks/runs. For instance, people walk/run for a cure to cancer, and the intention is often the fuel. A great way to see how this works for you is to try two separate walks with intention for two different ancestors. Notice the differences that come to light. Some connections will be more powerful than others. You may well have wildly different responses at different stages of life to the same ancestors. We’re working with doorways to what’s unseen but very real, energetically.

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