Your Inner Compass

In cranial work we talk about the Inner Physician or the Inner Wisdom.  That refers to the part of you that knows on a deep level, what you need in any  moment. Yes, part of you knows, it just isn’t always apparent to you.  I also see this construct as a compass that can help […]


As Seen in Massage Today Magazine April  2010 An ache is getting my attention.  I need fresh eyes for the nagging feeling that’s been surfacing as a catch-click pain in my right  hip.  I decide to see Abigail, a CranioSacral Therapist I’ve heard good things about.  She works out of her townhouse by the beach. […]


“I have known Jeannine for many years, and have experienced profound and positive results, emotionally and physically from her work.” ~ Nicola Salter, Clinical Aromatherapist, Woodland Hills, CA


Craniosacral is the best thing I ever did. I’m in a creative, high stress line of work and it’s great to know that craniosacral sessions with Jeannine will relieve my stress and pain and balance my nervous system. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ~ Lisa S., Sherman Oaks, CA


I had 6 or 7 craniosacral therapy sessions in 2010. After the 2007 car accident, nothing helped until 3 years later I found you and it made all the difference. Thank You!!! ~ Jenny Azizian, Los Angeles


I have only high recommendations for Jeannine. ~ Jo Ann Koch, Sherman Oaks


Not only did I feel much lighter and physically well after the craniosacral session with Jeannine, but also connected to a dusty emotional part of me newly revealed and transformed.

~ Diana Hunter , Producer, London, UK


I took my nine year old daughter to see Jeannine because I was concerned about her back due to a traumatic birth. Jeannine put my daughter at ease, spent an hour working on her and when my daughter sat up, she appeared completely relaxed, her eyes were filled with light and happiness – she looked absolutely transformed.” ~Susan Share, Esq.

Testimonial: Karen – Executive – Los Angeles

I was lucky to meet Jeannine on a weekend writing/craniosacral therapy retreat. Not knowing anything about craniosacral work, I went looking forward to a head massage. What I received from Jeannine was very different. Her treatments changed my life. After two sessions during the weekend I was on the road to losing years of chronic shoulder pain, as well as my stooped posture.
~Karen H.

Slowing Down

Slowing Down, Working with Your Experiencing Self vs. Your Remembering Self Depending on how old you are the idea of slowing down can bore you, scare you or sound like a guilty pleasure.  Slowing down can also be fun, guilt free, imaginative and healthy.  This month try planning some deliberately slow experiences and be open […]