Blending Opportunities: A Recipe for Renewal

Last week I gave you an example of looking for a pattern in your body so that you might identify it and decide how it is serving you. (Hint: Oftentimes, these patterns are NOT operating in your current best interests.)

Before you seek outside assistance with old operating patterns lodged in your body or aura, I recommend you attempt to uncover a pattern or two on your own. (You can always ask me for help)

But why not play Inner Detective for a moment and see what dots your patterns connect. I promise, you can’t do this exploration wrong!

Here is a self-check which can help focus you in on your key operating “stuff” no matter your chosen method of getting personal clarity and relief–should you decide to join a guided class or work privately with an integrative coach–you’ll be that much more aware of what needs to shift.

However, even if the solo exploration is all you do the benefits can be maximized by blending.

Here we go. Self-check time with the focus on blending.

The first good question to ask is: “What do I blend?”

Hint–look for what doesn’t seem to fit together in your life right now.

Two desires or conditions that appear to be in conflict.

For example “I have an opportunity to do __________ but it probably won’t work since I have pressing obligation/previous commitment/existing relationship/partnership____________ that doesn’t match up.”

This kind of statement rings true for many of us and can create headaches, lead to inaction and cause grief. So let’s reframe…by asking self-check question #2:

“What’s the opportunity here, now?”

Remember, even when it seems otherwise…there is always choice.

And sometimes the choice appears via blending seemingly disparate elements.

Opportunities to blend include: softening your stance, and widening your perceptual lens.

Softening your stance–this is a physical self check. Literally look for areas in your body you can soften. Try softening your jaw, belly and knees. While thinking about what doesn’t “match up”– what tension in your body do you notice? Soften that part.

Widening your perceptual lens—this is a metaphysical self check for our purposes today. After you’ve softened your stance, try softening your gaze and imagining your situation—whatever you’d like to see blended and harmonious.

Now imagine your field of vision widening to as expansive a field as you can dream. I like to think of the old Cinerama-vision wide, curved movie screens when I do this.

It’s ok if parts of your field are blank at first–you’ve still created space for a solution or highest outcome possible to emerge. See how by this experiment you are actually blending with the Divine?

Pretty cool, huh? I hope you try this short sequence and surprise yourself!

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