Could Your Morning Ritual Use a Boost?


As we begin the New Year many of us will have set resolutions or intentions for the year. I prefer setting intentions over resolutions and like to review my “rituals” so to speak.

How we spend our morning routine often sets the stage for the rest of the day. If you’re like me, you might have days where you find yourself with limited time to complete your well intentioned ritual.

In Chapter 8 of my book, The Alchemy of Self Healing, I share some great practices on setting your morning ritual, even if you only have two minutes.

Morning Ritual Two Minutes

If you’ve read my book, and have gotten into the habit of this work over 30 days you will find the time–you’ll stretch time–to fit your alchemical self-healing needs. However, there will always be last-minute, unforeseen dashes out of bed that leave your well-planned routine in the dust. So with two available minutes here’s what to do:

  • Octopus stretch for 30 seconds before you get out of bed — Two non-linear stretches. Make one a diagonal, reaching up from the fingertips of one hand and stretching down through the toes of the opposite foot. Then switch. For the second 15 seconds try undulating, curving and curling your spine as easily and gently as you can. You might wind up in a fetal position or a backwards C curve—allow your body to lead.
  • Ground and Intention for 90 seconds — As you rise, before you brush your teeth, wiggle your toes on the floor, choose a grounding stone –I currently use a smooth, thin, black and white chrysanthemum stone — however any stone you choose will work. Feel its weight and then focus on its lightness. Now hold the stone in your other hand. Notice any similarity or difference between hands. Bring into focus whatever is rushing you, stressing or whatever you’re dreading or is challenging you today and blow that into the stone using both hands to cup it. Now think of something you’d like to bring into your day, something joyful you intend to create or something you are grateful for. Blow that into the stone.

Once you have made this ritual your own, you’ll see that this explanation took longer to read just now than this two-minute Morning Ritual will take to perform.

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