Create a Spontaneous Remission

You’ve heard about spontaneous remissions, right?

In the context of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, you can imagine a woman limping — until she steps behind the magic curtain. And then comes out dancing a jig.

Do you believe it? Maybe. Or maybe not.

Frankly, Ripley didn’t care.

But I do.

Because I’ve seen truly magical things happen when we’re willing to suspend our disbelief. And play with…

“What if …?”

Think of one of your most persistent limiting beliefs AND the physical limitations that accompany it.


Got it? Good.

Now imagine for a moment you could apply the poof-whoosh-Spontaneous-Remish concept to it.

But before you dismiss the idea that your limits could just vanish, say this out loud to yourself:

“What if it were true?”

Then allow your mind to drift. And notice what appears.

If you’ve read my book, you know you can transform these issues at the physical, metaphysical or metaphorical levels.

There’s no right or wrong. And you can do this more than once.

Sure, sometimes things take as long as they take. And other times they’re gone in an instant.

Yet that can only happen when you’re fluid enough to entertain both possibilities.


  1. My mother was a longtime student of metaphysics. She always said, “Thoughts are things.” I believe that. Put a smile on your face and you behave differently than you would if you frown. Why doesn’t this carry through to a cellular level and healing? Brenda

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