Endings and Beginnings

Paradox in the Natural Scheme of Things

For me, Winter represents a paradox.

It’s both cold (temperature).

The end of a year, a sometimes sobering completion or ending.

And to some, it is a reckoning.

On the other hand.


Winter can be viewed as warm (holidays, family, friends).

A joyous wrap up leaving you eager for newness just around the corner.

And for some, it is affirming.

A Winter season holds all those options and more.

You notice I used the word “options.”

That’s because my suggestion to you as December begins is to choose to imprint it.

Instead of letting it imprint you (with obligations and those old stories trapped in your body)!

One way is to resist the urge to view December as a runaway train of extremes, warm/cold, sobering/eager or the ever popular…

Too much/not enough.

Rather, choose to look for and locate a stillness inside and acknowledge any seemingly opposite awarenesses.

Just BE with what is.

ALLOW that to be fluid rather than fixed (so it can change and flow).

Practice embracing the paradox.

After all, in the end there is always a seed of beginning—it’s Nature’s constant and a comforting decree.


  1. I love winter for its time stillness . It’s a time to gather strength. December is a paradox, but if I sit and listen to the music, the bells, and snow falling I end up hearing my heart.

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