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FREE Live Training with Jeannine Wiest
Author of The Alchemy of Self Healing

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September 24th 11am PT/2pm ET



Halt the Hamster Wheel and Get Your Mojo Back
in 4 Inspiring Steps!


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  • 1

    The secret to recharging your health and creative power at a moment’s notice. So you have the energy and insight you need to break through your blocks and stuck spots.

  • 2

    The 4 steps that reinvent your life … especially if you think it’s impossible. Use this formula whenever you need a fresh start in your career, in your relationship, even in your finances.

  • 3

    My #1 Alchemical Tool that gets you unstuck and out of overwhelm. So you come back to center calm and relaxed. No matter what’s swirling around you.

  • 4

    3 surprising exercises that turn your intuition into a super power. No need to consult anyone else because you’ll have total clarity.

  • 5

    The key that unlocks your hidden creativity. So you fling open the gateway and soar!

“Jeannine Wiest … will gently help you understand the value of creative noticing to all aspects of life.”
 — Jane Wagner & Lily Tomlin

Becky Martin

You have no idea the degree in which your mentoring is changing my life! I use my newly acquired “Alchemy Of Self Healing” skills on a daily basis. I finally leave for Nashville tomorrow morning for my song to be recorded! It will be released on iTunes within a few months! After years of stagnation, the flow of my creative energy has finally returned! Thank you!

Becky Martin

Barbara Cohen

I have truly, truly found a new depth of understanding of my body and its powers to heal as a result of my work with you. With your guidance I have found keys to the path to healing, and the wisdom to know I need to know more. I have also found the key that has unlocked my creativity. I never expected to find I could create art for self-expression and that others would enjoy. This has brought me so much pleasure. I am finally believing in myself thanks to you. With all my gratitude, Barbara

Barbara Cohen


privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you