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The Alchemy Assessment

6. If you could have a conversation with the part you’re frustrated with to explain your feelings, what would the conversation sound like? Give a voice to that part and flesh it out (excuse the pun) with as much detail as possible.


Warning! My tally system is as non-linear as I could create it. The value of this quiz is not in the tallied number but truly in your experience of the inquiry. Tally as follows:

Question 1: Ten points for being able to identify a body part you love without any “buts.” Deduct five points if you chose your heart. There’s a chance this is a cop out. Answering “heart” can come from social conditioning, a safe answer that might not allow a more authentic and unique truth to bubble up. You’ll know when you re-take the quiz in 30 days. At that point, if “heart” is your true answer, you’ll get your five points back.

Question 2: If you answered Question One right away, 10 points. Less than a minute, fi ve points. Up to five minutes and you’re still not coming up with a part you love, zero points. (All of that will change after you’ve read this book.)

Question 3: If you were able to easily give a description to question three, give yourself 40 points. If this was challenging, great. No points, but we’ll work on that.

Question 4: Notice whether you jump to an internal part or an external part. Either way, add five points. The practice of noticing can be healing.

Question 5: Ten points if it took you a long time to answer this (three to five minutes), zero if you answered right away, and five points if you had to think for a minute.

Question 6: Ten points if you didn’t draw a blank.

Question 7: Pretty much everyone taking this quiz is A or B. Five points for either answer. Eight points for C. If you answered D, you get 10 points for irony. Employing your sense of humor while taking a quiz is both healthy and creative.

Question 8: Ten points for any answer and for gifting your spine with imagery. And if you were a fossilized turtle spine, there is a self-help exercise for that in Chapter 6.

80 points or over—The Fluid Alchemist
More than most people, you are in touch with your body, your creativity, and your ability to create. Cranial Alchemy can help you refine the tools you already have and will deepen your connection to the metaphorical, unseen support that surrounds you. You’ll enjoy accessing your internal Direction of Ease so you can create your life, health, and relationships in a powerful and juicy way.

40–80 points—The Searcher
You’ve done some inner work but have either a lack of internal focus or a scattered focus in terms of how you “show up” for yourself and your projects and maybe what you believe is possible in your life. You could use some reliable new tools for whatever transformation you desire. Realizing that you have a treasure trove to search inside yourself is key. Pay close attention to the metaphorical level discussions. Be certain to give extra attention to those exercises that seem most foreign to you.

Under 40—The Inner Apprentice
Work with the exercises in this book and watch yourself grow deep connective roots to the natural world, as well as gain the knowledge to shift perspective and calm your nervous system so you can reach your goals! Now, put the quiz aside and keep it in a safe place. You may already have surprised yourself with an answer or two, which is good.