How to Invite a Miracle

Happy coincidences happen to people who expect them.

So, why shouldn’t that happen with miracles as well?

As a healer, I have seen miracles happen. I know they’re possible. Yet I confess, sometimes I struggle with whether they can happen for me.

That’s nuts, right?

Well, healing is a spiral …

And while I may be on an expansive curve of the spiral in deep listening to a client, for example, my own physical challenges can startle me out of alignment and spiral me downward.

Still, it’s moments of vulnerability …

Like allowing, “OK, I can facilitate an invitation to miracles for others today but maybe not for myself” — that also allows me to say to my clients, in person and online …

“I understand the fear.”

“I get the incredulity around the idea that relating to a body you’d rather distance yourself from can bring you peace … and even acceptance of whatever pain currently demands your attention …”

“Especially when the acceptance required is of aging, diminished capacity or chronic anything.”

Allow miracles

So even if you think miracles are for someone else and that you’ll just power through pain and overwhelm, here are my tips for inviting a miracle for YOU:

  1. Dream big for a moment. Notice what seems out of reach. Then define it. See it as a portrait or a movie scene. Flesh out that scene with all your senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. Then name it. And claim it.
  2. Now reach out your hands and physically get hold of this image or scene. Curl your fingers around the edges and see what kind of “give” or elasticity your scene has.

Hmmm. So what did you notice?

What felt right? Where in your body did you feel a connection? Which of your senses felt most alive?

Anchor those. And revisit them daily.

Congrats. You’ve just invited your first miracle.

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