Immersion and Your Inner Expert

Have you ever wanted to Spring into action but felt something holding you back?  
Do you wonder if your life purpose lies languishing in a corner of your soul somewhere while you are busy being,,,well, busy?
Your block or hurdle could be a self-defeating old story (not good enough, too old, not old enough, always mis-understood, too jaded, too trusting).
Maybe it’s an un-named fear you mask by being a tough cookie.
Or a sense of disconnection, a stuck-spinning-your-wheels anxiety.

Often chronic pain also flares up or gets worse when we’re not in alignment with our deepest purpose for being alive.
In indigenous cultures, hands on healers ask the distressed patient the following questions almost immediately upon meeting them:
“When did you stop dancing?”  and
“When did you stop singing?”
Imagine if American practitioners added those questions to their intake forms?
Hmm, I just might!

When we lose our childlike sense of play, wonder and curiousity, we fade away a little internally.
Bit by bit we harden our lives and lose cellular flexibility.  

We narrow our options in health, work and relationships.  
We go from vibrantly hued to dull grey.  

This is precisely why I marry Craniosacral Therapy and Creativity in my workshops and  intensive programs.  In our “stuff” driven society, “creative power” is not seen as a result to be cultivated, not particularly important.  

It’s vital, folks.  I believe that healing often includes creative elements such as imagery and shape-shifting perspective.

Tapping into nature’s magic to heal your overwhelm, your chronic migraine or your loss of mojo, is an ability, a skill that can be learned and incorporated into the most hectic life.

Coming up quickly is a great opportunity for all. On Sunday, April 28th from 11-4, I’m co-hosting a Make the Shift Sunday and I’d love to hear from those who are interested in quickly moving past the current stop sign they’re stuck in front of.

The afternoon will be experiential, with only 20 spots available. There will be an opening circle and fun, informative presentation followed by a healthful lunch. Then carefully chosen self-help exercises and tools will fill the afternoon. You will leave feeling relaxed and inspired.
Dr. Diane Sandler and I will share an introduction to cellular and creative-nature based ways to heal wherever you’re feeling stuck.
Details to follow but if you have the gut feeling you wanna be here, claim your spot by emailing me now at

Early bird fee is $75.00 until April 15th. We accept Cash, Check,Visa,Mastercard.

In closing, to mirror the indigenous healers advice;  start dancing if you’ve stopped and sing! Even if only in the shower.

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