Intuition Whispers

New clients often express frustration with the subtle tasks I start them exploring and playing with.

I get it, I do.

Our senses are so bombarded with demands to be faster, better and stronger that slowing down to increase authentic gain seems impossible.

Sunlit forest
Yet that’s what I recommend.

Tip of the Week: The Art of Waiting.

The great director Spielberg said recently “Intuition whispers, it never shouts.”

And I love that statement because it dovetails with the work I offer.

After all, isn’t the value of one intuitive inspiration worth allowing yourself a short wait to quiet all the external noise?

So the next time you find yourself wondering who has “the answer” just know that

Part of you knows, part of you has it.

You might be tuned to a “shout” frequency when the answer is coming in a whisper…

Jeannine Wiest


  1. The Spielberg quote is perfect. I’ve noticed I always receive my answer like a gentle breeze in the wind. It comes so lovingly. If I’m not quiet or aware of what’s going around me, I might miss it.

  2. What a good reminder!

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