Inviting Miracle Mode

I was talking to a friend yesterday about the power that accompanies the habit of having conversations with one’s own body.

She said “Oh yes, I think about what I want my body to do all the time.”

“No, that’s not the same thing” I replied.

She became confused. And I hear confusion like that from clients quite often when they start Alchemy of Self Healing work with me.

So, I continued, sharing a few distinctions in the work I do.

Here is my issue with her remark. “Thinking” about what you want your body to do is:

  • not visceral, (it’s purely in your mind, you’re not taking action, there’s no movement)
  • not sensory (it’s conceptual)

AND it takes your body wisdom right out of the equation.


Miracle Mode

That means you lose valuable information that is at your fingertips if you will only allow it to come through…

You see, in order to heal or re-purpose anything, we want to get out of a linear problem solving mode and into what I call Miracle Mode—especially when faced with chronic pain, disability or old stories running our life show.

And Miracle Mode—that divine, synchronous space of ease and flow—only switches on when we are grounded in the NOW of our flesh and bones body…but… at the same time, ready to release our attachment to what currently exists—that SAME now!

Stay with me because the payoff to developing this ability (or habit) is that we can be regularly open to options beyond our everyday limited thinking—options which include miracles!

So that readiness I invite you to cultivate is not linear and more body-ful than thinking-ful.

This Neutral readiness acknowledges the challenge but by definition allows for Possibility.

Possibility is the material of miracles.

So next time you are absolutely certain of an outcome—especially if an expert has given a “factual” opinion, check your body for messages—one way is if you know the Belly and the Heart check-in from previous articles or my online class. (Contact me if you don’t know this exercise and want to learn it.)

Other ways can be found in my user-friendly book The Alchemy of Self Healing which devotes Chapter 6 to working with Neutral.

So you can spend more time in Miracle Mode.

Oh, the possibilities!


  1. I don’t know if I fully understand this correctly but I do REALLY want to try. This is absolutely fascinating stuff and I’m glad you stopped by my blog so I could stop by yours to follow you! Thanks for this.

    • Thank you Cathy and if you’d like some support on this exercise feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to guide you through.

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