John of God or Drag Queen Bingo?

I’m turning 60 this year.

And if you’d asked me yesterday, I’d have said I plan to go to Brazil to experience John of God for my birthday.


I’ve decided to stay home and book the Drag Queen Bingo folks in West Hollywood for a party.

(I figure if I’m gonna be bingo age, a satirical twist is in order.)

See how quickly my NOW shifted? From the spiritual straight to the ridiculous.

Or maybe not so ridiculous …

Who’s to say Drag Queen Bingo isn’t spiritual in its own way?


I do know that it makes me laugh. And laughter is expansive.

It reverberates through the body and shakes up all those old “fixed” molecules into new
patterns of possibility.

That’s why this kind of exercise has a deeply congruent, healing effect on the nervous system.

Why not get the benefit of it yourself?

Try this …

Select 2 apparent opposites in your field of awareness.

Then just as I did, take an attribute of one (spiritual, for example) and apply it to the apparent opposite.

By playing with your preconceived notions this way, you’ll come up with new solutions to old problems.

And enjoy a healing laugh or two in the process.



  1. Having just turned the big 60, I felt a lot of pressure to do something big and meaningful but Hurricane Mathew canceled all my plans. Instead of big and public it was small and very private…..perfect too. It was the exact opposite of my preconceived notions and more wonderful than I had expected.

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