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webbweaver-bandWebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Jeannine Wiest

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The Alchemy of Self Healing
By Jeannine Wiest
Featured in Earth Star
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omtimesOmtimes Radio 
Interview with Jeannine Wiest
February 11, 2015

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Our minds and bodies are communicating all the time. What are these messages saying? How do the stories we tell ourselves affect our health and well-being? Jeannine Wiest was mis-diagnosed twice with cancer. In seeking answers to resolve her pain she discovered Craniosacral therapy…read full article

christine-upchurch-ShowThe Christine Upchurch Show

Interview with Jeannine Wiest
February 6, 2015

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inside-personal-growthInside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen
Podcast 488: The Alchemy of Self Healing with Jeannine Wiest

Our body is constantly speaking to us, the big question is are we listening? In my recent interview with Jeannine Wiest we discuss her new book entitled “The Alchemy of Self Healing- A Revolutionary 30-Day Plan to Change How You Relate to Your Body and Health.”  Jeannine is a certified craniosacral therapist who coaches movie stars, stressed-out executives and client who are living anxiety-ridden lives. In our interview together we discuss how she helps people transform their old stories that dwell in the body and drain their well being.  Jeannine knows how to help us tap into our bodies wisdom and access our creative forces and energy.  She works at a cellular level to access the information that is blocking us from having the energetic and fulfilling lives we deserve.

Temple of Health Radiobbs-radio
Interview with Jeannine Wiest

In 1998, Susan E. Kolb, M.D., F.A.C.S. created Dr. Susan On-Call radio show to educate the public about the latest breakthroughs in health, science and spirituality. In 2003, we added additional medical expert co-hosts in the fields of holistic and traditional medicine and decided renamed the show Temple of Health to correspond with our mind~body~spirit approach.

Each week we bring the audience a personalized educational experience with leading authors, national and local experts on the following topics: Traditional and Holistic Medicine Integrative Health Philosophies Spiritual Growth and Fulfillment Scientific Breakthroughs Various Medical Disorders Including: Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid, Depression, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Nutrition, Auto Immune Diseases and Many More.

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Conscious Talk Radioconscious-talk
with Rob Spears and Brenda Michaels

Conscious Talk offers one of this country’s most informative and compelling alternative talk radio programs – pioneering a shift in consciousness – empowering individuals to become conscious consumers and a positive force in their own lives through subjects and interviews in areas as diverse as politics, money and alternative health.

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Radio Amerika Nowradio-amerika-now
with Barb Adams

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Watch the interview below for insights into how Craniosacral therapy relates to trauma, creativity and even country songs! Learn how showing up for yourself can free you from pain and stress and point you in the direction of ease.



“I have known Jeannine for many years, and have experienced profound and positive results, emotionally and physically from her work. Her sensitivity and awareness enhance her work along with her skills to take you to a deeper level of healing as your body responds and unwinds itself releasing locked in memories or emotions. I am looking forward to her workshops. 

Nicola Salter, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Instructor, Clinical Aromatherapist
Woodland Hills, CA


The best thing I ever did!

I’ve been to Jeannine many times and she’s terrific! I’m more focused and energized after a session with Jeannine, my work’s improved and physically I feel so much better. I’m in a creative, high stress line of work and it’s great to know that my sessions with Jeannine will relieve my stress and pain and balance my nervous system. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lisa S.
Sherman Oaks

Dearest Jeannine,

I truly believe your therapy helped me in more ways than one and I deeply appreciate it! I had 6 or 7 sessions in 2010 and I noticed pain relief immediately.

Besides having a pain decrease, 2010 was the year I got back on my “A” game after the pain and stress from that bad car accident in 2007. I tried physical therapy but it never helped. 3 years later I found you and it made all the difference. Now I have a new job doing Public Relations. I found my Drive. Thank you!

Jenny A.
Los Angeles

I have only high recommendations for Jeannine.

I have been going to Jeanine for several months. She has helped me immensely with a difficult issue. She has an amazing skill for identifying and treating areas you are not even aware are the causes of pain and discomfort. I highly recommend her and her therapy.

Jo Ann Koch
Sherman Oaks

I was a bit resistant at first at the notion that this therapy could help with stress management, but any resistance was quickly overcome after the session with Jeannine. What I thought would be straightforward ended up being an unexpected and profound awareness of “another place”… to do with childhood, expectation, loss and my mom.  Not only did I feel much lighter and physically well after the session with Jeannine, but also connected to a dusty emotional part of me newly revealed and transformed.

Diana Hunter
Producer, London, U.K.

Jeannine introduced me to craniosacral therapy; a wonderfully relaxing and gentle way to relieve pain.  My back was in tremendous pain when I went to see Jeannine and following my appointment, the pain was gone. 

I am so convinced that craniosacral therapy works, that I took my nine year old daughter to see Jeannine because I was concerned about her back due to a traumatic birth.  Jeannine put my daughter at ease, spent an hour working on her and when my daughter sat up, she appeared completely relaxed, her eyes were filled with light and happiness – she looked absolutely transformed.”

Susan Share,Esq.
Los Angeles, CA

I was lucky to meet Jeannine on a weekend writing/therapy retreat. Not knowing anything about her work, I went looking forward to a head massage. What I received from Jeannine was very different. Her treatments changed my life. After two sessions during the weekend I was on the road to losing years of chronic shoulder pain, as well as my stooped posture. I stand straighter now and no longer have tension in my shoulders. Jeannine’s gentle touch and kind questions helped me to insights and relief that I can’t imagine possible otherwise. I returned to Jeannine months later for another issue, and would again in a moment if the need arises.  Meeting her was a true gift. 

Karen H.
Los Angeles

“I initially made an appointment with Jeannine for therapy because of headache problems. I also have a very arthritic hip joint; two orthopedic doctors have told me that it needs replacement. After three sessions of therapy, my hip was dramatically better and I no longer limp – my colleagues at work have even noticed. I intend to put off this major surgery indefinitely. The headaches are much better too, and my whole life feels lighter and better. I have learned so much about how my body and my mind work together in this profound process. THANK YOU Jeannine”

Laurie K. ,Teacher
Los Angeles, CA