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Heal Your Mojo Expert Series

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“Heal Your Mojo” Telesummit Online Learning Package

This series of training discussions on healing with 13 body-mind experts was a hit when it ran live in 2013.  Each speaker delivered inspiring tools to get you motivated to connect or re-connect with your inner power to create.

Your Package Includes All of the following from the Heal Your Mojo series:

  1. Jeannine’s Opening Ceremony
  2. 12 expert audios
  3. 1 bonus expert audio – Tea Break for the Soul
  4. Transcripts for each insightful interview.
  5. Jeannine’s Action Steps for each speaker so you can integrate what you’ve just learned.
  6. Downloadable bonus gifts from many of the experts. Wonderful stuff!

This summit was designed as a wisdom circle with fine minds speaking with open hearts .   It’s a great restorative boost to give yourself.  Let the alchemy begin!