Pulling Yourself Forward

Sometimes my clients get comfortable in a difficult situation and stay put because they have new perceptual tools from our work together.  “Hey, Jeannine, I can handle my boss/husband/wife/co-workers so much better with that Direction of Ease you’ve shown me!  Wow.” That’s a huge step.
But while it’s a great ability to use craniosacral therapy tools to observe drama whirling around you and find your own calm center, my question to you is, what’s beyond that?
No more headaches or hip issues, or renewed ability to finish a stressful writing project or create that short film, that’s more than a client may have imagined possible.  Maybe the thought is, “Let’s leave well enough alone, I can handle everything better now. Maybe that’s good enough.”
But I invite you to take a step back to allow the larger picture of what’s possible in your life to come into focus.
What if you can create beyond simply handling issues better than before?  (This is a rhetorical question by the way, for those who are new to me.)
What does that specifically look like?   Remember how we discover on the treatment table using our senses?  Really take time to go through your senses. What does it feel like, that life you want beyond “handling it better now?”
After the relief of integrating body and mind and trusting that it’s something they can experience on a regular basis,  clients will say something in a session like “OK, so I see cool changes from your Craniosacral sessions with me, I feel a peaceful change inside and all around my world.  I’m not triggered much anymore and work/family/relationships are shifting. But how do I create beyond that now?
It’s time to pull yourself forward.
Sounds easy enough, right?
But the first new realization is that life is not a circle, it’s a spiral.
You’ve heard me say that this cranial alchemy work is like peeling an onion. Now I’m asking you to incorporate a spiral into your awareness.
Some of you are frustrated that the healing isn’t linear. Perhaps you came for one issue and another issue that needs to be cleared first popped up. Or maybe you needed a perspective shift before your abdominal pain would truly release on a cellular level. You feel better but you feel oddly out of control.
It’s time to partner with your body and pull yourself forward into the next ring of the spiral, the continuum, the matrix and yes, the unknown. Your out-of-control feeling is just a habit.  Re-imagine the unknown as an ally.  Give it a try.
Life is a spiral.  Part of showing up for new changes will include revisiting old challenges and noticing opportunities you might have missed on the last ring of the spiral.  Ah, but you are on a different part of your spiral now.  So first recognize it, take a deep nourishing breath and introduce yourself to the next ring of your life spiral, you are going to receive gifts on each of the three levels we work on.  So get comfortable with the unknown. Create an image for yourself from the perspective of pulling yourself forward in space, in time.

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