Release Your Small Stories… Embrace the Bigger Canvas

In case you’re wondering, I’m referring to both the bigger canvas of the vast world around us as well as s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g into the bigger canvas of you. Yes, the fabric of YOU.

Why is this canvas critical to embrace for optimal creating and/or healing?

Your soul needs room to Breathe.

To create a new job, relationship, financial future, or to revive your artistic muse, you need to support your soul’s longing for spaciousness.


By releasing your small, often long-held stories.

How do you know which are the small stories?

Well, after years of assisting people with releasing stories I’m willing to bet that most of them are, in the final analysis, small.

Does that surprise you? Want specifics?

Start with the stories in your bodily organs.

Remember Softening your Stance from my last post? Sometimes those small stories put up big blocks to softening.

So in order to allow your soul room to breathe we require softness and ease.

One tip I’ve found myself using often with private clients lately is Color Breath.

Try it in two ways to determine which application resonates well.

One way is to first locate an ache or pain or address a lingering illness.

Now imagine…If you could only use color and texture to describe it, what color comes to  mind? (First thought, best thought!)

For example, say I have a literal pain in the neck.

I might get start my color exercise by getting quiet and breathing a few cleansing breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth).

Hmm, what does that pain remind me of color-wise?

“Orange” pops into my awareness. Now, I don’t spend time worrying what that signifies. Maybe I like orange, maybe not. It doesn’t matter.

I simply notice the SHADE of orange (burnt umber? Sunset? OJ?) and the Texture. Is it flowing and light like water from a stream? Or cool and blanketing like a clay face masque?

Next, I’ll imagine that orange juice-y cooling blanket (that’s what I got, so I’m going with it) wrapping lovingly and easily around my body with a focus on my neck pain area.

And I wait. I breathe in Orange. I invite it to swirl wherever it’s wanted, as my body wisdom sees fit to take it in.

Typically, there will be a release, an elongating and a spaciousness. Give it a try! Let me know your experience.

This first tip was an internalizing of color to make a fairly quick shift of a small pain story.

A second way, an external way of utilizing color breath work, is to envision yourself as an actual fabric canvas and invite the colors you need to show themselves to you and help re-shape your canvas.

One color might smooth out an area while another color might stretch and add length or width to you (the canvas).

So for this second experiment, lie down and imagine that you are that canvas.

Allow colors to show themselves above you, around you, even invite them to easily move your limbs, maybe your torso.

What colors show up to envelope you, and guide you?

It’s as if the color is breathing you.

After you’ve tried both, I’d love to hear which exercise gave you a sense of more spaciousness.

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