Sensory Infusion

“When you realize nothing is lacking the world belongs to you.”

– Lao Tzu


This saying is a real eye-roller for some clients. If it is for you, let’s make a shift!

And for me, well, what helped me “get it” involved going beyond “realize” and into “embody.”


How to embody such a vast concept?

Try this sensory imagery.

Imagine you’re a tea infusion (hot or iced, your choice).

I’d imagine an iced, crimson red rooibos tea from South Africa, myself.

Yours might be dark and deeply colored or pale and lemony (or?)

See yourself as that infusion expanding and flowing as you are dipped in a clear vessel of water.

An exquisite blending and melding occurs and all you need do is witness from your expanded state.

Now watch as:

  • Clear, new possibilities easily avail themselves to you,
  • The world “belongs to you” in witness mode.

Tip: Steep in the present moment …mmmm…attend to your senses. What colors, shapes, sounds are showing themselves to you?

Oh and being specific, (see my tea description as an example above) will help you with a more immediate sense of personal abundance…every time.

Let me know what comes up for you.

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