Sitting in Empty Space

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to be our own best friend.

Maybe that role was recently vacated without warning by someone you cherished or…

Perhaps you’re caught in  that hamster wheel of looking of someone “out there” who has “the answer.”

Sometimes friendship is simply outgrown.

Sometimes you shift and the old friendships shift in a different direction–no harm, no foul.

Mostly there’s a raw feeling reported by clients and an empty space.

Empty Room

So how do you nurture the process of being your own best friend, you ask?

If you know my Belly and the Heart exercise from my free teleseminars  or the equally free 30 Day    audio Challenge (I forget which day it is but the Challenge is 30 byte-sized audios delivered to your inbox over 30 days, designed to reboot your intuition) start with that to check in with where “empty” lives.


  1. Instead of rushing to fill that space, try sitting with it.  Allow it to reveal its qualities. See if you can sit with the “empty space” feeling in your body(wherever that might be) for 10 minutes or so.
  2. To attract new vibrational matches into your world, try an internal check of your dominant relating style and your must-have values in a friend.  Reflect on the qualities you want to attract! Then ask yourself “Am I aligned with those qualities myself and where is there room to grow into those qualities?”

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