Horse Reflections; Equine Mirrors

From pages 111-114 in my book, The Alchemy of Self Healing, the following essay incorporates working Craniosacrally with a horse, and Direction of Ease, Inner Wisdom and leaps on all Three Awareness Levels that are worked on in the book. Essay: From Tolstoy to Degas in Orange County I’m perched on the metal fence of […]

Your Fluid Container: Try this…

EXERCISE: Your Fluid Container Have you ever thought of yourself as a large container of fluid? Probably not, but bear with me here. Being a large fluid container may at first sound unappealing, but the ease of movement of all that fluid is key to your health and creativity! Since not every illness or symptom […]

Unlocking Doors

Someone recently redeemed a gift certificate for a cranial healing session. Before the session, during our phone conversation as I was gathering info and answering her questions, the woman was defensive, almost rude.  I say ‘almost’ because I know when someone is afraid or in pain, he or she may not be aware of tone. […]

Immersion and Your Inner Expert

Have you ever wanted to Spring into action but felt something holding you back?  Do you wonder if your life purpose lies languishing in a corner of your soul somewhere while you are busy being,,,well, busy? Your block or hurdle could be a self-defeating old story (not good enough, too old, not old enough, always mis-understood, […]

Pulling Yourself Forward

Sometimes my clients get comfortable in a difficult situation and stay put because they have new perceptual tools from our work together.  “Hey, Jeannine, I can handle my boss/husband/wife/co-workers so much better with that Direction of Ease you’ve shown me!  Wow.” That’s a huge step. But while it’s a great ability to use craniosacral therapy tools […]