Gifts and Patterns

Here’s an integrative way of taking stock of a year. It’s based on a craniosacral concept which I use as a jumping off point for a Gifts and Patterns exploration with VIP Day clients. The concept is called The Significance Detector and cranial therapists know that when this pause in the cranial rhythm occurs spontaneously […]

Horse Reflections; Equine Mirrors

From pages 111-114 in my book, The Alchemy of Self Healing, the following essay incorporates working Craniosacrally with a horse, and Direction of Ease, Inner Wisdom and leaps on all Three Awareness Levels that are worked on in the book. Essay: From Tolstoy to Degas in Orange County I’m perched on the metal fence of […]

Pulling Yourself Forward

Sometimes my clients get comfortable in a difficult situation and stay put because they have new perceptual tools from our work together.  “Hey, Jeannine, I can handle my boss/husband/wife/co-workers so much better with that Direction of Ease you’ve shown me!  Wow.” That’s a huge step. But while it’s a great ability to use craniosacral therapy tools […]

Working ”in Concert With”, Instead of “In Spite Of”

Working in concert with someone, a friend, co-worker, a group or a new idea is similar to moving in the craniosacral Direction of Ease. Sometimes it can be challenging. But it’s key to know the difference and be able to feel into any discomfort and ask that simple question. “Am I working in concert with […]