A picture speaks a thousand stories: A client’s truth

I have to thank my client B. for allowing me to share this story. When she first started working with me, the concept of talking to and learning from her own body and inner wisdom was foreign. During our sessions together and also by participating in my Alchemy of Self Healing online class, B. found […]

Blending Opportunities: A Recipe for Renewal

Last week I gave you an example of looking for a pattern in your body so that you might identify it and decide how it is serving you. (Hint: Oftentimes, these patterns are NOT operating in your current best interests.) Before you seek outside assistance with old operating patterns lodged in your body or aura, […]

Create a Spontaneous Remission

You’ve heard about spontaneous remissions, right? In the context of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, you can imagine a woman limping — until she steps behind the magic curtain. And then comes out dancing a jig. Do you believe it? Maybe. Or maybe not. Frankly, Ripley didn’t care. But I do. Because I’ve seen truly […]

The Burnished Part of You

Lately my focus involves helping my clients get down to the burnished, formerly tarnished bits of themselves … and polishing those bits to a gleam. I’m reminded of the Leonard Cohen song about cracks being how light gets in. And of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, whereby broken pottery is repaired with veins of gold. […]

What happens to your thoughts after they’ve been thunk?

There’s a lot of talk about mind-body connections. Most of the talk is stressing the importance of the mind and how you must control your mind. Some version of “feel the fear and do it anyway.” But if there’s an old story trapped in your body, as energy that does not dissipate…I don’t care how […]

Walking through Molasses, a Heavy Wind, a Crowded Train

In the sensory inner wisdom recovery work I offer — both online classes and to private clients — I underscore the necessity of fleshing out your imagery for maximum benefits. When a client tells me they are having difficulty moving forward I might well ask them to describe in a visceral way how it feels […]

Sensory Infusion

“When you realize nothing is lacking the world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu   This saying is a real eye-roller for some clients. If it is for you, let’s make a shift! And for me, well, what helped me “get it” involved going beyond “realize” and into “embody.” How to embody such a vast […]

Life Changes & Inspiration: The Power of Listening

I wanted to connect with you today and let you know about a couple of great resources to check out: Life Changes Radio Network interview Are you going through life changes and would you like to be inspired? Well guess what? I was recently on the Life Changes Radio Network radio show where we talked […]

A Mystery Walk

  I’m always talking about the power your choice of words has on your body, specifically on your central nervous system. Let me ask you this: How do you view change? I know, I know. It involves the unknown which can be scary. But what if you viewed change as containing a mystery? Mystery, for me, is […]

Immersion and Your Inner Expert

Have you ever wanted to Spring into action but felt something holding you back?  Do you wonder if your life purpose lies languishing in a corner of your soul somewhere while you are busy being,,,well, busy? Your block or hurdle could be a self-defeating old story (not good enough, too old, not old enough, always mis-understood, […]