Thrift Store Gratitude, A Story

Taken from my book, The Alchemy of Self Healing, Chapter 3, pages 88-91 Essay: Super Thrift Store On Saticoy near Woodman in deepest darkest Van Nuys, sits the Super Thrift Store. It is a dismal looking building, but it’s a Hollywood costumer’s secret garden. Due to the scavenger energy required to work through the racks […]

Deep Nourishment

The Five Signals My friend healer, Cass Phelps, graced my first Heal Your Mojo expert talk series 4 years ago where we talked about his work, The 5 Signals. Listen and learn to hear what your body is asking, and take back your power. His wisdom is timeless. He has a unique approach to how […]

No One Is Fine and Yet All Is Well

When you ask someone how they are and they answer, “Fine,” what crosses your mind? Me? I think “Ugh.” Because no one is really fine. Oh, they may be ecstatic. Or over the moon. Or sad, mad or glad. But fine? When I try to conjure up what fine means to me, all I think […]

Sitting in Empty Space

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to be our own best friend. Maybe that role was recently vacated without warning by someone you cherished or… Perhaps you’re caught in  that hamster wheel of looking of someone “out there” who has “the answer.” Sometimes friendship is simply outgrown. Sometimes you shift and the old friendships shift […]

A Mystery Walk

  I’m always talking about the power your choice of words has on your body, specifically on your central nervous system. Let me ask you this: How do you view change? I know, I know. It involves the unknown which can be scary. But what if you viewed change as containing a mystery? Mystery, for me, is […]

Could Your Morning Ritual Use a Boost?

  As we begin the New Year many of us will have set resolutions or intentions for the year. I prefer setting intentions over resolutions and like to review my “rituals” so to speak. How we spend our morning routine often sets the stage for the rest of the day. If you’re like me, you […]

A Way to Invite Personal Holiday Sanity…

Happy Holidays from Cranial Alchemy & Alchemy of Self Healing… I’d like to wish you each a holiday season filled with joy, health and happiness. And may your 2016 be as fabulous as you are! During this time of year many of us are attending parties and enjoying family Holiday dinners. Many of these social […]

Your Fluid Container: Try this…

EXERCISE: Your Fluid Container Have you ever thought of yourself as a large container of fluid? Probably not, but bear with me here. Being a large fluid container may at first sound unappealing, but the ease of movement of all that fluid is key to your health and creativity! Since not every illness or symptom […]

Unlocking Doors

Someone recently redeemed a gift certificate for a cranial healing session. Before the session, during our phone conversation as I was gathering info and answering her questions, the woman was defensive, almost rude.  I say ‘almost’ because I know when someone is afraid or in pain, he or she may not be aware of tone. […]

Your Inner Compass

In cranial work we talk about the Inner Physician or the Inner Wisdom.  That refers to the part of you that knows on a deep level, what you need in any  moment. Yes, part of you knows, it just isn’t always apparent to you.  I also see this construct as a compass that can help […]