The liver who wished to be a gallbladder

Doesn’t that sound silly? And futile? And a little bit sad that a perfectly valuable liver would spend precious time wanting to be something else?

You see where I’m going with this, right?

No organ in your body wastes its precious time wishing to be a different organ.

If it did, your body would feed you the same kinds of contradictory messages that your mind feeds you now. Things like …

“But I NEED to be different, Jeannine.”

“If I could only flatten my stomach like so and so. Or feel my sense of purpose the way my sister does. Or stop my knee from clicking when I go for a run.”

Or, “I used to be able to (fill in the blank). And I SHOULD be able to get back to that. Help!”

Yes? I’m listening.

I hear some version of that “if only” from my clients nearly every day.

But I promise you, it’s a trap.

If you feel the urgency to be “other,” know this …

Happy woman looking in mirror
You are here in this body-full life to experience ranges, from losses as well as wins. And even to perceive BEYOND the trappings of warrior mode (the spoils—the fruit of labor) to sink into the wisdom of embracing NOW in all its sensory glory.

So I invite you to:

Identify one “If only.” A recurring one would work especially well.

Now ask yourself this question: “What is my NOW, without the ‘if only?’ And what part of NOW can I express gratitude for?

Finally, ask yourself, “What if that is enough?” And if it is, what would I do differently today?”

This might feel weird. But it might also feel expansive. And we Alchemists always shoot for expansive feelings, right?

So play with that. And remember …

The body never lies.



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