Thoughts, Pictures, Words, Dis-ease

Thoughts, Pictures, Words, Dis-ease

“I’m not built for this”
“That’s the way life goes”
“It hasn’t  killed  me yet”

What are those phrases saying to your body?

I can’t physically stand this.

Life is pre-determined.

I will die from this.

Another one is “It’s out of my hands.”

People, it’s Not out of your hands, your perspective and your health could not be more in your hands!

As you may know, we first have a thought,  
then we see a picture,  
then we  turn that into words and
those words have an immediate cellular effect on our body.

It’s simple and profound when you understand this sequence and it can also be scary when you realize all the internal negative thoughts you walk around feeding every day.

“This damn ankle”

No, actually it’s your very own, unique ankle and by objectifying it as “other” and damning it, you are further supporting the idea of separation in the body. Disconection leads to dis-ease.

How about “Oh, sweet ankle of mine, that really hurt didn’t it? Lets take care of you precious ankle.”

Sound silly? Who cares! Words can help and heal or hurt and break you apart.

You may not be aware of the images your brain creates because they can flicker by so fast but if I ask you “Where’s your garden?”  Unconsciously you pull up an image of your garden before you answer in words.

If your words attach a default emotion to your thoughts and your images, that’s where a hamster wheel effect can come into  “the picture.” So slowing down and examining  the thought-images-words-body response process can yield rich self-knowledge and I suggest you play with your awareness of it now. Maybe plant the seed of an emotion or create a sensory, detailed image you’d like  to exchange for your old,default image in a mantra like “This is the way  life is.”   

You can see how monitoring your thoughts and editing your belief system can allow you to create the life that is “in  your hands.” And your thoughts, your images and your words.

And ultimately, filed away in your body somewhere.

Emilie Conrad’s book Life on Land
Re-reading it for the umpteenth time and still finding new gems!

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