Walking through Molasses, a Heavy Wind, a Crowded Train

In the sensory inner wisdom recovery work I offer — both online classes and to private clients — I underscore the necessity of fleshing out your imagery for maximum benefits.

When a client tells me they are having difficulty moving forward I might well ask them to describe in a visceral way how it feels — using the senses — as that is what the body understands.

concept of resistance

So what are your current stumbling blocks?

If there is an area where you feel you are not moving forward — does it feel like you’re moving through molasses? Or a crowded train?


Now, if this inquiry leaves you blank, or kinda makes you itch to take action, here’s what I suggest:

  1. Physically stand up, right where you are and imagine you are faced with a room filled with molasses. Now how would you move through that room? Experiment, move as though you are walking through molasses. Now imagine that room disappears and now a heavy wind whips up in front of you — what changes do you notice in how you move? Pause to notice what was different. What were the muscles and key movements defining each circumstance? Next, try the crowded train. Note the differences and the sensations — are you tripping over luggage or feet or are you packed in a subway car like a sardine? How does THAT feel? Squishy? Cold? What?
  2. After playing with these options pick a wonder-filled stroll to try. Where are you? Hmmmm. Now move through those surroundings and see, feel, taste and hear what awaits. See yourself moving forward and stepping into wonder.

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