What happens to your thoughts after they’ve been thunk?

There’s a lot of talk about mind-body connections.

Most of the talk is stressing the importance of the mind and how you must control your mind. Some version of “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

But if there’s an old story trapped in your body, as energy that does not dissipate…I don’t care how many mind gurus you listen to, you’ll be S-O-L in terms of any kind of control.

Why? Because when energy enters your body via thoughts or experiences there are only 3 choices of what can happen to that energy

  1. It can pass through you and easily exit (especially likely if you’re the Dalai Lama)
  2. It can get bogged down in your system briefly and you can then transform it (Have you read my book? It offers how to do exactly this very thing.)
  3. Or it lodges inside and settles in to influence your perceptions, cause pain and illness or overwhelm and hair-trigger reactions (what most of us experience).

woman in meditation

So that’s what happens to energy which, as thoughts thunk, carries potent power into our cellular structure for better or worse.

The body is your unique vessel and its wisdom cannot be separated and ignored if you want to reliably “change your mind.”

Want to change a habit or a limiting belief?

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Settle in to a chair—remove yourself from distractions. Call to mind your concern, thought or belief. If it were a color what would it be? A song? A texture? What taste would it have? Now, breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth and keeping your sensory awareness of your concern right in front of you…ask yourself this question “What if this is NOT truth? What would my first action step be then?” Journal your response and NOTICE any tightness in your body or butterflies or how your breathing changed.
  2. Create personal spaciousness. Want tips on how this would look for you? Email me one recurring thought or limiting belief you’d like to shift to jeannine@cranialalchemy.com (available to first 25 responders, this month only) and I’ll personally respond with a custom spaciousness tip for you.

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