Craniosacral Workshops and Retreats

Just as hearing the tapping of fingers on a table can remind you of a tune, the various restrictions, torques and pain we hold in our bodies reminds us on resonant levels of the stories we walk around with.

These Workshops and Retreats developed from the responses of rhythm and pattern that inform creativity and underlie language, relating them to the cranial rhythms and tides that inform our body.

If your system is restricted, burned out and in pain, rather than flowing with ease, a highly creative person might still be able to power through and create (their work, their art, their life, their ability to manage their symptoms),  but the restrictions will color their perceptual lens.  So the lens narrows in a bound up system and equals bound up creativity.

Cranial Alchemy Workshops and Retreats are connective ways to reboot your creative self and renew and reconnect with your body on Physical, Metaphysical and Metaphorical levels.

One day Make the Shift Workshops for small groups to help you:

  • Access your creative ideas on a deeper level with ease
  • Respond to challenges with calm, focused energy
  • Open channels to begin and/or complete projects
  • Reconnect with your body to have more access to inner resources
  • Understand your creativity in powerful new ways
  • Silence the judging part of yourself so that you can relish your unique brilliance


Weekend Retreats with Cranial Alchemy

Everything is held together with stories.  That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion.” –  Barry Lopez

I love the above quote!  It speaks to the good, the graceful stories we live and share as well as to the outworn stories we’ve lived with that may not even be our own.

Some of your stories, old stories trapped in your body as stagnant energy, may well be obstacles to your health and your ability to allow yourself to create.

Wouldn’t you like to have a conscious say in which stories are “holding” you together?  Imagine how good and how freeing that feels!

On these three and four day retreats to places like Ojai, Idyllwild and Northern California, participants have  the opportunity learn the tools to truly ”Show up for themselves” so they can shed their pain, create a next act,  or a juicy life path in the direction of ease.

You’ll  learn all the one-day workshop tools plus practice deepening those fledgling skills in a select, small group of like-minded souls, with additional activities, classes, guided meditations, gourmet meals, and personal attention, all in a glorious setting. You’ll work with your Transformation Circle as well as add to it and have an opportunity for a private Craniosacral session.

Past participants have raved about this weekend retreat and have come away renewed, re-connected, and inspired!  Please sign up below to be put on our VIP list to be among the first informed of our upcoming Workshops and Retreats.

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