Your Fluid Container

Have you ever thought of yourself as a large container of fluid? Probably  not.  Being a large fluid container may not sound appealing at first, but the ease of movement of all that fluid is keyto your health!

The cranial work I do is a blend of Dr. John Upledger’s work and Biodynamic work.   The work is physical, metaphysical and metaphorical.

 Since not every illness or symptom has a clear cut source – next time an ache or pain appears, why not try finding the “stones in your road”?  (Below you’ll find an exercise to help with that exploration.)

I’m referencing a Dr. John quote that I love.  “What we do is take away obstacles, like removing stones from the road.”

Sometimes it can also be…”What we do is take away obstacles  like removing stones from your sea.”

I’m talking about your internal sea, your fluid container.  Your fluid body.

The stones are unseen energy cysts, trapped energy that can, over time, change a smooth fluid flow to turbulent crashing waves or a stagnant muddy pond. 

Here are some ways to look at these watery metaphors.  You can imagine the crashing waves inside creating disruption of important functions, right?  But did you ever think that they might show up as symptoms such as migraines, dizziness, TMJ issues and even the inability to speak one’s truth?

The stagnant muddy pond, might show up as a sluggish immune system, or intestinal distress.  However the distressed fluid syste  reacts, whatever distress is created inside, the big boss, the Central Nervous System, has to make sense of it all. Think about that. What a job!

This month I’m suggesting the following to start monitoring your Fluid Container:

Lie down in a comfortable spot and for those who know my Inner Reconnaissance exercise, do a look-see (or look-seaJ).

For those not familiar please email me and   I’ll send you the exercise.  But even without it you can become an Inner Observer to the rise and fall of your breath and the gurgles in your stomach, perhaps the tightness of certain areas and the places that seem to need attention.  Be curious. Imagine all the places fluid flows inside your body, from your skull down to  your toes.

And as you start to feel antsy or if an emotion fleets by, even if you easily start to sink deep inside your system, ask yourself “Hmmm, I wonder what’s there”? 

As you internally do your detective work, for example, don’t assume you know how or if the fleeting pain in your left leg relates to the discomfort in your belly.  When you find an area where you go blank or feel your breathing change, ask, “Is there a stone in that watery road?” And once you ask the question, simply let it go.  Allow what comes into your awareness, without trying to figure it out.

 Most key is to be in curiosity about your internal sea and the tide of your health will have no choice but to start to calm or start to come to life.


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