Your Inner Compass

In cranial work we talk about the Inner Physician or the Inner Wisdom.  That refers to the part of you that knows on a deep level, what you need in any  moment.

Yes, part of you knows, it just isn’t always apparent to you.  I also see this construct as a compass that can help you make your way in the world with ease rather than the feeling that every move is uphill.

Accessing this Inner Compass for yourself involves being willing to “show up for yourself” and quietly take stock from time to time.  And EXPAND your boundaries.

Answer this question and then I’ll explain a way to practice being aware  of your body in an expansive way.

How do you view the world at large?  Is it exciting to you or a playground or unknowable or scary?

No answer is better or worse.    

Just notice how you feel when you ask yourself.  Are you rolling you eyes as you respond?   Or is the world a place to arm yourself against? To outwit?

Are you curious about other views than your own,   or does that sound like a waste of time?  Maybe you’ve never thought much about the world and how you view it? 

Trust me you want to discover your default worldview  (those  voices inside that say things like “No good turn goes unpunished”  OR “ I take everything that happens today and learn and grow with it!”)

Here’s a quote I overheard on a plane: “The world isn’t how you see it – You are how you see the world”.   

Do you believe it’s true?

You may have been a victim of a past event for example, and you may still identify yourself as a victim of that event – but think about this –  Can you really be a victim of something that happened in the past unless you allow it  into your present?

No, that’s not possible without your permission.

 Now here’s the exercise to practice to allow a new expansion in.

Choose something going on inside you, one thing, that you’d like to shift but haven’t been able to.

Now sit comfortably in a chair, or on the floor and we are going to use   Intention to image the spine – from your tailbone up to the place where your neck meets your head.

Imagine a tube enveloping your spine all the way    up – a tube of silver white light, weightless and resilient.

 Now imagine that tube continuing down as it moves from your spine, down into the floor and beyond through the earth to the very center of the  earth. 

When you’ve  imaged that for yourself imagine the light now flowing back up to where you’re sitting and back up through your tailbone and up your spine all the way to your neck where a pair of gossamer hands lift and extend that tube up through the  top of your head, filling it with white light. And then extending the tube up to the clouds.

Notice if you feel connected to the world differently at all.  Put your attention onto what you wanted to shift and ask your Inner Compass to come forward.

 Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen the first time.  It’s a practice.   Some clients report that they simply feel taller and that’s a start.  Some feel a new hope regarding their situation and some love the feeling of a pair of unseen hands lifting and connecting their spine to the clouds.  And that feeling stays with them  and allows a solution to appear.

That’s just a taste of how you can widen your perceptual lens and meet your Inner Compass.

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