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"Your body records everything whether you are aware of it or not. Uncover the themes of your life stories...the stories you tell."

Those stories are etched on your bones, they seep into your blood they can soothe you and lull you to sleep or more likely, keep you tossing and turning, clenching your teeth, or grappling with a headache…again. I wrote this book to demystify energy-based work, to make it bite-sized without pretense. 

So you can: 

– Heal with ease

– Navigate tricky relationships with less stress and pain

– Attain goals with clearer focus


I wanted a book that was simple to use, offbeat in order to engage both sides of the brain.

Praise for the Book

“If you have ever struggled with life’s many curve balls, whether a personal loss, a serious illness or a genuine challenge, you will want the tools and techniques offered by Jeannine. This is a truly empowering work that promises a new level of wellness and personal authenticity. I highly recommend it.”
 – Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA, New York Times best-selling author of Choices and Illusions

“I devoured the book in a week and have never felt better! An absorbing, stimulating read in which improvements in both your mind and body occur immediately. Additionally, if you’re looking to tap into your creativity, Jeannine Wiest’s The Alchemy of Self Healing is better than any how-to creative writing manual. I found her simple yet energizing exercises extraordinarily helpful.”
 – Lisa Seidman, Emmy Award winner, writer for The Young and the Restless, author of Killer Ratings

“Jeannine Wiest’s The Alchemy of Self Healing will gently help you understand the value of creative noticing to all aspects of life.”
 – Jane Wagner & Lily Tomlin

Noticing is healing.
So there are tons of easy exercises to try, some of which are bound to resonate with you. Try the Finding nature in the city exercise from Chapter Three – Biography: Your Game. Or jump ahead to Chapter Eight – Remedies For Specific Situations for Healthy morning breaks whether you have 2, 6, or 15 minutes to devote to your self-healing.

Chapter Four – I Don’t Kill Bugs shows you how to create your own Transformation Circle – several of which are pictured here. I have used these with clients in person and on Zoom and they are a great way to simply and easily tap into your creativity as well as your inner wisdom to get insights and clarity on a daily basis. They are based on ancient healing practices. Read my piece on Story Knives in Chapter Two – Keywords For Your Nervous System, for details.)

But right now, stop reading and wondering if this is right for you and if it will work.

Simply put a hand on your heart or your gut whichever feels right, and take a minute or three to tune in and softly thank your body for all the stories it has seen you through.

The stories you tell…which are keeping the status quo in your body right now.

My own stories are meant to illustrate how this alchemical process can work for a person who wants to create a different bodily experience than the one they currently live.


It’s my intention that perhaps one or two of these stories will resonate with you or help you connect with the utter relief of having a close relationship with your inner wisdom without the noise of your “smart” brain interference. (Read my story about dancing for Nureyev. It could have been a real Russian tragedy but…) see Chapter Six – Tracking Neutral, a real game-changer if you want to change how you hold your stories.


Explore the many exercises that don’t need any special outfits or equipment to try them. All you need is just a curiosity and a willingness to follow the direction of ease and own it.